Tap Lessons in Jersey

Tap at Silhouette

An energetic form of dance that challenges and entertains by creating rhythms and sounds. Tap dancers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking and the ability to “hear” music in a way that is unique to other dance forms. Our classes provide an introduction to complex progressions, rhythms and advanced step combinations using the ISTD syllabus.

Tap is a particularly dynamic form and is one of the most common forms of dance in musicals today due to its lively, often theatrical nature. Classes are a fun way to keep fit and explore movement techniques that are completely unique from other styles.

A traditional genre which is widely known across the world due to its use in popular culture like movies, TV shows, Hollywood musicals and theatre performances.

Tap dancing is a style of dancing where dancers wear shoes fitted with heel and toe taps to perform with rhythmic sounds during well thought out routines. Previously made with wooden heels, metallic taps were added to shoes in 1910 and produce a unique sound synonymous with this style of dance.

 Here at Silhouette Studios, our students enjoy a broad range of Tap choreography, teaching them from the basics of Tap through to advanced routines and footwork.

Many of our students go on to Broadway shows and other theatrical environments and we encourage our students to perform in our famous annual shows at the Jersey Opera House – an ideal way to help our students experience both the pressures and joys of live performance.

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