Contemporary & Lyrical Classes Jersey

Lyrical is a mixture of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques. It’s a variety of jazz and modern styles, usually smoother and a little faster paced than ballet, but not as fast as your typical jazz dance. Movements in lyrical are characterized by fluidity and grace, dancers develop the skill of moving seamlessly from one move to the next.

Lyrical dancing is performed to music that has lyrics that are inspirational to the dancer or choreographer and focuses on the expression of the emotion that song conveys. Lyrical classes enable dancers to build technique through a more individualized style. It also encourages versatility as classes give dancers the chance to constantly learn new choreography, exploring new styles to expand their repertoire of steps.

Contemporary is a progressive dance style, constantly evolving to reflect continual reinvention and absorption of various influences, both new and old. Contemporary encourages dancers to feel more in tune with their bodies because of the focus on alignment, weight placement and breath.

Contemporary is a highly expressive dance form, combining elements of several dance genres. Dancers strive to connect the mind and body through movement, so classes benefit dancers as an expressive and emotional outlet, but also as a way to improve body and spatial awareness, strength, endurance and flexibility.

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