Highland Dancing Classes in Jersey

Highland Dancing at Silhouette

Highland Dancing requires the endurance and strength of an athlete and the artistry of a dancer and is the traditional solo dancing of Scotland. In the past, Scottish regiments used Highland Dancing as exercise to keep the troops in shape, and ready for battle. Today, Highland Dancing is a dynamic, fun style enjoyed by many pupils at Silhouette.

Students train mainly in 4 Highland dances, namely, the Highland Fling, the Sword Dance, the Seann Triubhas and the Strathspey & Reel. Here at Silhouette our classes generally revolve around working towards taking part in annual exams under the UKA examination board. However, additionally, students have the opportunity to perform at a variety of local events, sometimes even with the accompaniment of live bagpipes from the Jersey Pipe Band.

We are the only school that offers classes in Highland Dancing. Pupils do not have to have a Scottish heritage to enjoy this energetic form of dancing. Indeed, the Royal Ballet School, teaches their students Highland up to the age of 13 years. It develops stamina, ballon (the ability to jump) and the chance to dance with swords!

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