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Terms and Conditions

1. Fees

1. Fees are payable in advance in full on the first day of each term.

2. Fees not paid by the end of the second week of each term will incur a surcharge as notified from time to time.

3. The principal retains the right to exclude any pupil from class unless or until fees are paid.

4. Fees may be increased from time to time: notification of any increase will be given by half-term in the term preceding any increase.

5. a) Examination fees are payable upon application.
b) Extra lesson fees are payable upon the day of the examination.

2. Lessons

1. Class times will vary for each pupil dependant on progress.

New time tables are displayed three weeks before the summer term/half-term.

2. Responsibility lies with the parent/guardian to check the time table and withdraw the pupil from that class should the new time table not be suitable.

3. Examinations

1. Entry for any examination is at the discretion of the principal.

2. Examination entry may require extra lessons to which attendance is normally required. A set fee will be charged for these lessons and payment must be made by the day of the exam.

4. Withdrawal from classes

1. Notice of withdrawal from all or any classes must be given in writing REACHING THE PRINCIPAL no later than the last lesson before half-term in the preceding term otherwise the following terms fees will be payable in full. The cut off date is shown in red on your invoice each term.

2. The Principal reserves the right to withdraw any class before the beginning of any term should the number of pupils not prove viable.

5. Pupils

1. Pupils are expected to be punctual and correctly dressed for all classes.

2. The Principal reserves the right to exclude a pupil from class for bad behaviour.

3. No responsibility is accepted by the Principal for any items lost or damaged by the pupil, whether in class or in the dressing area.

4. Parents/guardians should notify the Principal in writing of any illness or condition of the pupil which could affect him/her during class e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, attention deficiency order and also an emergency contact number.

5. The Principal does not provide supervision nor accept responsibility for any pupil other than during the course of any class, rehearsal or practice. Parents/guardians remain responsible for their children other than during the class itself.